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Rainbow Abalone (Paua) Haliotis Iris


Rainbow Abalone, or Haliotis Iris, has beautiful colours, predominantly blue and green and this variant of mother of pearl is called paua by the Maori, the original population of New Zealand.

New Zealand paua has the most beautiful colour in the world, and are used for burning loose white sage and smudges. Smudging is an ancient Native American practice, in which bundles of herbs and/or fragrant woods, such as white sage and palo santo, are tied together in the abalone shell. This, as part of a ritual ceremony or to energetically cleanse a house or other space. The natural holes in the shell provide air supply.

Location: New Zealand.
Natural Sustainable Resource.

Note: This is a natural product, variations in size and colour are normal, as well as 'imperfections' around the edges and the surface. Any algae deposits can be brushed off under the tap.