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Fire & Brimstone Twin Pack 180-190g


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A twin pack containing one bar each of Fire and Brimstone soaps.

Fire Soap

Handmade from all-natural ingredients our Fire soap is rich and warming blended with Vetiver Rosewood & Blood Orange to enliven your senses and create a deeply warming aroma.

Brimstone Soap

Handmade from all-natural ingredients our Brimstone soap is the perfect Yin to the Yang of our Cleansing Sage Soap. Dark and foreboding African Black soap is infused with Hawaiian Black Lava Salt & Activated Charcoal and then fragranced with the ancient scent of Myrrh which is then complimented with Neroli Rosewood & Cinnamon to complete this dark and mysterious soap.

Each bar of handmade natural soap weighs approximately 90-95g

Some essential oils may cause allergy sensitivity or irritation.