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Crown Chakra Candle


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This Chakra is located on the top of our head and is quite literally our crown.

It is said to be our conduit to the Universe and higher states of consciousness. When blocked, feelings of cynicism and discontent manifest, as does a propensity to overthink and become stuck in cycles of negative thought. An overactive crown Chakra is indicated by constant over anxiety, continual planning and never managing to do, as well as excessive concern about religion/ thoughts about spirituality.

Meditation is one way to relax and realign this Chakra and our beautifully crafted candle has been specifically blended to aid this.

The top note comes from uplifting Lemon essential oil, which aids concentration, balances and promotes feelings of contentment, lovingly blended with Bergamot, a light but pungent healing aroma, wending its way through the Lemon with its fragrance, known to relieve anxiety and stress. Finally the aroma of Grapefruit raises and clears this chakra with its deep green aroma bringing both balance and tone to the beautiful aromas.

Each candle has information regarding the particular Chakra on the box and comes with an appropriate chakra crystal. All candles are vegan and manufactured from eco - soy wax and essential oils. All ingredients ethically sourced and and 100% ethically produced in Scotland.

The beautiful amber glass container can be reused. recycled or returned to us for refill.

Makes a wonderful gift!

Burn time 20 - 25 hours