WaxyWix UK

Beautiful Spell Jar


Our beautiful handmade Waxywiccan spell jars unique and handmade with home-dried herbs and flowers and sealed in a mini corked bottle with soy wax and a beautiful Wiccan charm tied on with natural twine.

Filled with the intention to inspire stability and strength, these spell jars are a wonderful addition to any witches collection.

The spell bottles are sealed with a cork top, waxed to seal and have beautiful charms attached with natural twine.

Use however you like, it's perfect for placing on your altar or carrying on your person/in your purse or the office, or use contents in the jar to place around a coloured candle for a simple spell.

Choose from -

  • Stress-free spell - anxiety relief spell
  • Show me the money - prosperity spell.
  • Cleanse your soul - cleansing spell
  • Feel protected - protection spell
  • Finding love spell
  • Find your balance - hormonal balancing spell.
  • Be Happy - happiness spell.