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Solar Plexus Candle


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This Chakra is literally located in the solar plexus and this is where we carry our very essence, our sense of self and our self love. When this Chakra is damaged we quite literally feel kicked in the guts.

When this Chakra is out of alignment we feel unable to move forward or to make decisions, have a crisis of confidence, feelings of dependence and a lack of self discipline

Meditation is one way to help relax and realign this Chakra and our beautifully crafted candle has been specifically blended to aid this.

Beautifully blended and full of healing essential oils this blend contains essential oils to centre and aid healing and balance.

Warm and woody Cedarwood essential oil is said to promote feelings of self acceptance, vitally important in balancing this Chakra, the warm mild citrusy notes of Mandarin oil help to uplift the spirit and retune the mind, and the final note of Petitgrain brings all into balance with its warm healthy, tones.

Each candle has information regarding the particular Chakra on the box and comes with an appropriate chakra crystal. All candles are vegan and manufactured from eco - soy wax and essential oils. All ingredients ethically sourced and and 100% ethically produced in Scotland.

The beautiful amber glass container can be reused. recycled or returned to us for refill.

Makes a wonderful gift!

Burn time 20 - 25 hours