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Root Chakra Candle


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This chakra is located at the base of the spine and extends down through the feet, therefore  relating to being grounded and having our place on this earth. The functioning of this Chakra is crucial for our good health and can be regarded as the foundation that all other chakras work upon.

It is associated with feelings of safety, security and basic needs, it helps us to identify our physical sense of self and it is the foundation on which we live our lives.

Imbalance in the root chakra can be indicated by feelings of insecurity and worry regarding our means of survival - it is important to tune in to your physical surroundings, be firmly planted on the earth and not to just live in the clouds.

This candle contains essential oils with properties known to help with balance and grounding. This carefully blended scent  has the heady deep earthy aroma of Vetiver entwined with the calming beautiful calming scent of Frankincense and hints of Sandalwood peeking through, all melding together to relax, balance and aid meditation and balance this Chakra.

Makes a wonderful gift!

Each candle has information regarding the particular Chakra on the box and comes with an appropriate chakra crystal. All candles are vegan and manufactured from eco - soy wax and essential oils. All ingredients ethically sourced and and 100% ethically produced in Scotland.
The beautiful amber glass container can be reused. recycled or returned to us for refill.
Burn time 20 - 25 hours