Bath and Body

    The Love Bomb - Spirit Journeys

    The Love Bomb

    Sage Cleansing Bomb - Spirit Journeys

    Sage Cleansing Bomb

    Aromatherapy Shower Steamer 70g - Steamy Shower Spirit Journeys
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    Set of 9 Soap Flower - Lavender Roses Ancient Wisdom
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    Sensual - Himalayan Salt Bath Bomb Ancient Wisdom
    Sold out
    The Herb Garden Shampoo Gordon Castle Scotland

    The Herb Garden Shampoo

    The Orangery Round Soap Gordon Castle Scotland

    The Orangery Round Soap

    Moher Soap Bar Moher Soap Company

    Moher Soap Bar

    Woodwitch - Body Soap Spirit Journeys Gifts

    Woodwitch - Body Soap


    Hydrating Face + Body Milk

    Faerie Cake Facial Soap Spirit Journeys

    Faerie Cake Facial Soap

    Volcanic Lava Salt Bomb - Spirit Journeys

    Volcanic Lava Salt Bomb

    Protection Bath Salts - Spirit Journeys

    Protection Bath Salts

    Earth & Air Twin Soap Pack - Spirit Journeys

    Earth & Air Twin Soap Pack